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The Best Curry in Glasgow, by far!

Yadgar Kebab House (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) opened in 1981 at its present location. It has been run as a family business with Mr Anwar (Sr.)  as the  overseer.  Over a decade ago they bought over the adjacent barber shop and were thus able to expand the premises from being simply a take-away shop into the café style restaurant.

Calder St has been famous in recent years for the protestations about the closure of the Govanhill Public Baths.  Yadgar is located opposite the Public Library.  This is off the beaten track for many in the city of Glasgow, however the Polmadie Exit for M74 extension feeds a continuous flow of traffic along Calder St.  Perhaps more people will become aware of its existence?

Govanhill is an area of high immigrant population which is commensurate with supporting the fayre on offer.  However, for many of these new locals,  Pizza is the attraction.

The Friends of Hector who live on the South Side claim to have been aware of Yadgar’s existence, however none had been, well not until the middle of August 2010.  Then there was a life changing tip off.

The visits are all exhaustively Blogged, each has been a superb experience.  The 45 minute wait on the first and second visits have been laid to rest.  Simply phone in the order in advance and this problem can be overcome.  (Tel 0141 424 3722)

The meals are either on display or can be cooked to order; Hector enjoys the extreme pleasure of having the Goshat Karahi prepared ‘just the way I like it’.  This has resulted in the most appreciative of statements: This is the best Curry I have ever eaten in Glasgow!  This is quite a statement to make given the exceptionally high quality of Curry available in the city.  This “humble establishment” is really that good.

I know what I like, and I like what I know

If you don’t, ask the ever-present Naveed or Shkoor, they will advise.

Mr Shkoor Anwar, son of the proprietor, provided the following information in an email:

“We cook a wide variety of traditional food, as the ‘natives’ would eat, and while the Lamb Karahi, both on and off the bone, is very popular, it is by no means the limit of our specialities. We cook dozens of dishes, that are literally what you would find in any true Pakistani Kitchen. Nihari, Saag, Pindi Goshat, Karaela Goshat, Kofta, Kurry, Halleem, Chicken Chana, Kalaegee, Saag Goshat and many others are as genuine versions as you would (get) anywhere. “

Suffice to say in the majority of the visits it has been difficult to get past the Goshat Karahi.  The on-the-bone version has such intensity of flavour (not heat!) it is a party on the palate.  When you have found perfection it takes courage to stray.

Eventually the time came to try other dishes, even Starters. Complimentary Poppadoms with Onion Chutney are the norm, the included Salad has evolved to become an attractive addition over the past couple of years.

Ask – to be  fed – be surprised.

The Fish Pakora has freshness stamped on it, but even it is surpassed by the excellent Spiced Haddock.  The Fish is locally sourced i.e. Scottish.

Methi Gosht was the first departure from the signature dish, and more recently familiarity with the bitter vegetable has inspired the sampling of the Karela Gosht.  Both are up to the high standard set at Yadgar and are available by the Portion, or the Kilo!  Then there is the best Lamb Chops served – anywhere… Lamb Chops Achari – wow!

Share a Kilo: on-the-bone two can just about manage, boneless?, no chance, bring more mouths.

    Namkeen (Salt) Karahi                           Lamb Chops Karahi

Glasgow Yadgar #80 Curry-Heute (10)Glasgow Yadgar #80 Curry-Heute (18)

A Vegetable Curry  or the outrageous  Fish (Machi) Karahi ?

Rice or Bread? The endless debate…

The quality of Rice served at Yadgar makes it difficult not to order it, but one really should be eating Chapattis with the drier Lamb dishes.  However as one may now come to realise the Vegetable Rice, Mushroom Rice and Egg Rice truly complement the Curry dishes.

Meet The Chefs

               Mr. Arshad                                              Mr. Shah

The 2017 Menu

5 Responses to Yadgar Kebab House – Glasgow – Scotland

  1. mike g. says:

    I just discovered your site for the 1st time and can see many hours of reading here!
    I’ve been eating food from Yadgar since 1997 and usually manage a carry out once a week. I have never eaten better curry anywhere and can’t believe it’s not better known than it already is. My children have been brought up on Yadgar and this weekend we are putting in a special order to cater for our guests at my daughter’s 21st birthday party. I can’t wait!!!!!

    Hector replies:
    Welcome to Curry-Heute.
    Yes hours of reading to reflect hours of eating.

  2. Elizabeth Robertson says:


    Currys are fantastic best place ever! Only thing is the place could to with a right good paint! Despite that I’m never out the place with food being that good!
    Can you persuade owners to give the place a blast of paint as I find upon bringing friends and family to sit in to eat they are always put off with the sit in area as it could go a right good blast of paint.
    My other pet hate is once your sat down they can take same time in coming over to take a order..
    Apart from that place is brilliant!!

    Hector replies:

    You will have seen the scaffolding shrouding the building. The Anwars have been in Limbo all year with the possibility of temporary closure during the renovations around Yadgar.
    There was a paint job about a year ago when the ceiling caused problems. Personally I would love to see the premises upgraded to the standard of Cafe Serena.
    As for the Service… I haven’t seen a Menu in yonks, my Food Order is always pre-arranged. Why not try phoning it in?
    If you are always at Yadgar then our paths have crossed. Say – Hi – you should be able to recognise me.


  3. Colin Glen says:

    Been going to the Yadgar since the early 90s, always puts a smile on my face and it’s always been tremendous, there was a well worn path from both my Uncle’s houses in Westmoreland Street to the Yadgar! I’m up in the Highlands now and only get to visit the Yadgar….I mean my family in Glasgow occasionally!

    Hector replies:

    High Colin, welcome to Curry-Heute

    It appears you may have eaten more Yadgar Curry than me!
    Any tips for Curry Houses in The Highlands would be welcome, I do tend to pop up in obscure places.
    This weekend has all been Bradford, which deservedly is The Curry Capital.

  4. Gregory Williams says:

    Yadgar certainly is the best curry I’ve had in Glasgow.

    Whilst the meat dishes are tremendous and have been well explained above, I might add that the vegetarian options are also superb. My favorites being the dals and the saag. There’s something incredible about the combination of the saag and the peshwari naan.

    My other comment would be that the focus here really is on the food rather than ambience or posh service. Personally I prefer to eat like this – to relax and enjoy the curry without overeager waiters or a plethora of crockery and cutlery. Moreover, the prices are totally affordable. It’s easy to have a full and satisfying meal for 2 for anything from £15-£25 and splashing out to £30 would leave you rubbing your stomach contentedly for days!

    Hector replies:

    Hi, Gregory

    Welcome to the world of Curry-Heute!
    As you have taken the time to compose an appreciated comment, you must have read the Blog in some depth and may be aware that Mr. Anwar Sr. introduced me some time ago to the Aloo-Gobi, yes, there is life beyond Lamb.
    I trust my other Special Places are known to you, if not…enjoy when you get there.

    In ninety minutes I shall be enjoying one of the greatest Curry experiences anywhere – when Marg and I descend on the Indien Mango, München. The thought of the Fisch Chettinad has me salivating already, and I am not usually a huge fan of South Indian Cuisine.

    Hope you will comment some more, cheers


  5. Euan Fraser says:

    Another one I must visit – crazy been in Glasgow 10 years in the Gorbals but never visited these places.

    Hector replies:

    It is unforgiveable that you have not eaten the Best Curry in Glasgow…

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