The Wee Curry Shop (Ashton Lane)

Hector realises that it is the curries that are ‘wee’…

No curry since last Saturday, what is a Hector to do? Fortunately Marg suggested eating out. If she was paying, Nando’s, else I choose, I pay.
And so back to the Wee Curry Shop in Ashton Lane to see if the Methi Gosht was a fluke.

The Haggis Pakora to start was over £5 for five pieces of what was essentially the same as any chip shop would serve: haggis in batter.
To the main course(s): Butter Chicken with Asparagus was too much for Marg to resist, there was no resistance. The foil wrapped chicken again made me wonder if this has been ‘brought in’ from outside… I had a taste at the outset, too sweet for Hector.
The Methi Gosht tasted great but there was once more an issue about the size of the portion.. As reported the ’pre-theatre menu’ was justifiably small portion wise, but there was little excuse for this. Over £9 for eight pieces of Lamb… Papa Gills remains the best place in town for quantity.
The accompanying rice – to be shared – was insultingly small, this is never the case at The Village. The Paratha was the saving grace.

Hector and Marg both destroyed what was before them. Hector even mopped up an extra piece of Marg’s Chicken, Did we enjoy our meal? Well, yes, but… there could have been much more. The ‘Asparagus’ turned out to be a mere three spikes…
£35 for a midweek snack…Hector’s mental arithmetic is trying to work if two pre-theatre menus is a better deal than one meal off the main menu…
And so we went down to the University Café at the bottom of Byres Rd to recapture the days of yore and enjoy the best ice cream in Glasgow. Fear not, there will be no ice cream blog!

Meanwhile back in Clydebank something is brewing for Saturday…

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