Garden Party + Curry-Heute

For the second time in a week, Marg and Hector were invited to eat Curry in a Domestic Setting.  Yvonne was under no pressure at all (aye right!) after the wonder of Zora’s cooking at Chez Khan last Wednesday. As a follow up to last week’s historic evening, the absent Sister – Kas –  had been in touch stating her regret at missing the invited Currynaughts.  We dropped in to introduce ourselves en route this lunchtime at Stalks and Stems (Shawlands, Glasgow) and may well have more to report on this in future.

As the Photo shows, the Ladies were taking the day very seriously.  I knew Craig would be in shorts and was determined that both pairs of the whitest legs in Glasgow should be on display.

Craig and Marg had a solitary Bacon Roll as is now the custom at our Garden Parties.  Hector could not refuse a second with the famous Stornoway Blackpudding.  Proof, if required, that Hector does not eat Curry 24/7.  With clouds blocking out the Sun for much of the afternoon it was deemed safe to sit outside with uncovered Pates and enjoy the delight of imported Deutsche Festbier.  Tucher, Augustiner, Hofbräu, Spaten and Löwenbräu (Buttenheim) were consumed at a leisurely pace.  The main event of the day was the serving of Yvonne’s Curry.

Mini Poppadoms were an interesting variation.  Yvonne’s own Onion Chutney takes no prisoners.  Lime Pickle too, more indulgence.  When it was time to declare the Starters to be over, Hector refused to let the leftover Onion Chutney leave the table.  A compliment.

I was aware that Yvonne had found a recipe for Butter Chicken, Marg’s favourite.  Hector tried this once and the results were poor.  From the appearance of the Bowl set before Marg, this was going to be good.  Yvonne related the saga of having to sieve the ingredients to create the required texture.  The proof was in the eating.  That there was none left at the end says it all.  The required thick and Creamy texture had been achieved.  There was a Citrus background flavour coming through.  This was a major success.  Hector sampled only a part of the dish, there was something else in store for Yvonne and I.  Craig and Marg devoured the Butter Chicken.  Perhaps the recipe may make an appearance one day in the above drop down list.

I was told that Yvonne and I would be having a Lamb Curry based on my own recipe.  This was not the whole story.  A larger Bowl of Dark Curry was brought to the table seconds after the Butter Chicken – Venison!  Our Lancaster trip was the day after Marg, [Stan.TB], Bradford’s very own Mr. Holden and Hector had enjoyed our first ever restaurant served Venison Curry at the Punjabi Charing Cross (Glasgow).  Yvonne had spotted Venison in the Lancaster Market and no doubt purchased some whilst I was away on my fruitless search for a Lancaster Curry.

As has been written, Venison must be the ultimate meat to Curry.  Yvonne had cooked this yesterday and let it lie overnight.  The strong flavours from the meat had permeated the Masala and vice versa, exactly as Curry should be.  The Masala had been cooked until it had evaporated down to the magnificent texture preferred by Hector.  The Curry was not over-spiced and so Craig became interested.  Marg and Craig  had the best of both Worlds.  Craig surpassed himself.  Hector took a portion, then another, and another.  The perfect compliment to a Chef is to eat all the food.  I tried, but realised that Excess in Moderation would be the compromise.  Yvonne can cook for us anytime.

The Aftermath

The evening continued indoors.  Craig struggled, he cannot eat Curry and follow it with Bier.  This may further answer a question I was asked last Wednesday about the origins of the Scottish Late Night Curry.  Curry follows Bier without a problem.


Stick to Chapattis instead of filling one’s stomach with Rice and it is possible to follow Curry with Bier, as Hector proves most Saturday afternoons.

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