Kaiserhoff Gas Hob Tandoor

It’ll Never work

When the Outlet that sold Hector his Aluminium Wok (with a Lid) some years back emailed to feature a Gas Hob Tandoor, well… A well known Media Site concentrating on Video Clips provided the Basic Evidence. Lamb Chops, Tandoori-style, cooked at home? It was worth a try, there’s always the Cupboard under the Kitchen Sink if it’s a con.

The Tandoor arrived just before the October Break, it was Blue, good. Tonight was the only Window of Opperchancity else it would be next week before it could be tried out. Even tonight, time was limited. And there were no Instructions with The Device.

A quick visit to KRK on Woodlands Rd was required to purchase Lamb Chops, two Chicken Drumsticks (what?) and a slab of Marinated Fish. What sort of Fish? Masala Fish! The Fish was Frozen, they don’t sell it Thawed any-more I was informed. I also had to cheat and buy a Jar of Tandoori Paste, with time I can make better. At last, they had Frozen Methi. I was also offered Five Bunches of Fresh Coriander for £1.00. Next time.

The Tandoori Paste was rubbed around the Chops and the Chicken (after scoring, of course). One hour to Marinate, not anywhere near enough. I didn’t want to be eating at 22.00. I had considered a Spicy Rice but at the last minute changed my mind to a Masala and Boiled Rice. I finally found more Video Clips of Gas Hob Tandoor in action, two showed Masala being prepared. Now I discover there are at least three versions of This Device on the Market, the Kaiserhoff has the Shallowest Tray, not ideal for the mass production of a Masala. All versions produced Authentic Looking Tandoori Meat. Video Clips have no Taste. And there were no Instructions with The Device.

The Onions were crudely chopped – Very poor, Hector. This was the first time I have tried Mustard Oil, inspired by Rick Stein’s Mouth Watering TV Saga. Four Bricks of Frozen Methi were added, again far too soon. This is terrible. I’m in a hurry.

The Half-cooked Masala was scooped onto the Tray without Holes. The Gas Hob Tandoor is meant to cook more quickly than a Conventional Pot/Oven. Fifteen Minutes was the time period gleaned from Various Video Clips. Fifteen Minutes Later there was evidence of Blackening at the edges of the Masala. The Masala was decanted to the Faithful Pot and Fresh Coriander added, a few more minutes should do. The Masala was Thick and how I describe – Dry. There was very much a Green Hue, Herbs, Methi, Coriander. That’s the way I like it, Baby, ….

Now for The Moment

Two Slivers had been cut from the Slab of Fish, the only way allow defrosting in the available time. Four Chops had been set aside, Hector has a Cunning Plan. Fifteen Minutes? The Tray with Holes had the Chicken, Lamb and Fish tastefully arranged around the Perimeter. Confidence levels were rising. Marg was home after Five Minutes. The House had the Aroma which I consider Normal. I could see Black forming on the Meat, the Fish was doing nothing. It should be ready in the same time as the Meat, hopefully.

The Base of the Gas Hob Tandoor has Water in the Reservoir to ensure the Food does not Dry out. Unbeknown to Hector at this time, the Water had all Evaporated, even though I had topped it up after the Masala. And there was no Instructions with The Device.


Marg and Hector had a Lamb Chop each to start things off. My fear was that The Device would create Steamed Meat, not the case. Another Five Minutes might have bee ideal. Twenty Minutes next time. Still, for a First attempt, not bad at all. Tandoori Chops at Home.

The Curry

Strictly speaking, this was not Curry, but Tandoori Meat with Masala. The Fish was cooked to Perfection. Ten Minutes if Fully Thawed, I would estimate.

The Chicken was Cooked through, had an Authentic Burnt Exterior, but lacked something, another Five Minutes?

Now for The Strange Bit

The Masala was Stunning. In Twenty Five Minutes I had recaptured the Sense of an Exciting New Flavour as Experienced when I first did my Curry Course over a Decade ago. With the Fish it was superb, and not too Bad with the Chicken. Yes, it has taken Hector this long to cook Chicken for Self-consumption. The Remaining Lamb Chop now felt a bit out of place.

Marg’s Verdict

I enjoyed the Lamb Chop, still a Wee Bit Chewy. The Fish was Very Spicy, the Texture was Good. The Chicken needed longer, a Wee Bit Jellied. The Masala – A Great Masala Taste, I enjoyed the Texture of the Masala, an Interesting Taste.

There’s Hope.  I could also consider taking up Curling.

The Cunning Plan

The Remaining Four Lamb Chops and the Masala Leftovers will make a re-appearance. Dinner for One.

Lamb Chops Achari – Zu Hause, Coming Soon!

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  1. Doug says:

    And not a tablecloth in sight !.

    Hector replies:

    I can take no chances.

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