Garden of India (Antwerp) : The first Belgian Curry

The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry may have saved the port of Antwerp back in ’44, it was the Garden of India (Oude Koornmarkt 60, 2000, Antwerpen) that rescued this Scot from death by blandness today.

Google Maps does not reveal this venue close to the Cathedral. Google does give a link, but like many Belgian Curry Houses, it did not open. Another venue (Taste of India) does occupy a site just off the Grote Markt, but it, Saffran, and Urvashi do not take the selling of Curry too seriously, else they would be open.
Twas shortly after 1700 when Hector and Marg left the excellent Kulminator and headed back to the centre off Antwerp. Serendipity as ever, played a large part in our discovery of the Garden of India: had a pedestrian light not been green, we would have bypassed the Koornmarkt.

Two chaps were there before us, we could hear English accents. Their need must have been greater…

Korai Gosht was advertised on the outside menu, as was Butter Chicken. Hector and Marg needed no second invitation…

No brainer

Palau Rice was half the price of Fried or Mushroom. Rice, one portion plus a Chapatti.and a Paratha were the accompaniments

Do you know what these are? Marg was asked whilst Hector examined the facilities. Popadoms, with Cumin Seeds, was the reply.

The Butter Chicken looked like Curry in Campbell’s Tomato Soup as far as Hector was concerned. Marg thoroughly enjoyed her meal….she now accepts that she needs her Curry craving satisfied.

The Korai Gosht had more Masala than one hopes for. Yogurt or cream had been stirred in. the Curry hit the spot, however, the ‘target’ was large. There was sufficient taste to ensure a level of satisfaction was achieved. More Lamb perhaps?

The Pilau Rice was plentiful, the Chapatti and the Paratha microscopic. In the end we had the right amount to eat.

Overall, one has to describe this as a pleasant experience. The thought of arriving in Köln tomorrow and having declared Belgium to be a Curry-free zone would have been horrible.

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